How To Get Content Archives

I came across a cool WordPress plugin from Bill Platt over at The Phantom Writers, one of the premier content distribution services used by article marketers.
What this tool does is enable you to take content from TPW and at the same time they will build backlinks to the posts from The Phantom Writers

I wrote in much more detail about this tool here: Backlink Magnet.

I see this a a neat complement to tools such as Article Marketing Automation from Marc and Dan at PLRPro not a replacement for it, after all, we can all use more decent content and backlinks, right?

Check it out!

How To Get Articles Without Writing A Word


There are many ways to produce articles without writing them yourself this article outlines a few of them:

1) Using a ghostwriter is one way

2) Private label rights articles you have bought is another option

3) Expert interviews with people of authority in your target niche

4) Borrowing another writer’s article for use is yet another way to provide content for readers. Give the original author credit within the body of your article and fill in the rest with quotes from that author’s article. Make sure that you have the right to do this with every article that you plan to use!

This method is a win/win situation for everyone. You don’t need to do the writing of your articles, the writer who wrote the original article gets free publicity, and the reader gets the information that they want or need. Everybody wins.

5) Using public domain articles that are related to your subject is yet another way. Permission from the author to use their work isn’t necessary for public domain content; letting your readers know where the content originated will keep their trust.  Don’t try to pass the words off as your own.

6) Use survey results from a self-conducted survey as the basis of an article. This method does mean you will have to write a little, but compiling the results and turning it into a fast article isn’t too hard or time-consuming. You can create surveys through Survey Monkey at .

7) Use government provided information. Articles written by United States Government Authors are automatically in the public domain. The government’s writers are very prolific and write on a wide variety of topics. Visit any United States Government website and you will be greatly surprised with the amount of information that is free for the taking.

As you have seen, providing quality articles without writing a single word, or with just a bit of writing is possible.  The information and means are there, please use them.